MINERVA MARINE Inc. aims to ensure safe and efficient operations.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to:

  • Maintaining a healthy, hygienic and safe work environment for all employees and third parties;
  • Assessing the risks related to our activities onboard and ashore and establishing appropriate safeguards;
  • Implementing and continuously improving a documented health, safety and quality management system, in compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code, the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards;
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable regulatory and industry requirements and regularly assessing the level of our compliance;
  • Enhancing the competence of our people through training and career development and motivating them to perform their duties in a safe and professional manner;
  • Maintaining the condition of the fleet vessel to ensure reliable performance, structural integrity and fitness for their intended service;
  • Satisfying our stakeholders by providing high quality, safe and efficient services;
  • Being prepared to respond effectively to emergencies;
  • Measuring and improving our health, safety and quality performance;
  • Communicating our policy to all employees and other interested parties;
  • Providing all resources required to achieve the above commitments.
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