Safe and efficient energy transportation to support the sustainable development of our society

Minerva Marine Inc. was established in 1996 and Minerva Dry Inc. in 2020  in Greece as ship management companies aiming to provide first class services to the marine supply chain.


Minerva Marine Inc. quickly grew from a tanker manager of 6 vessels to the committed Aframax operational leader that it is today. It has further expanded its operations to include from MRs to VLCCs (Chemical Product and crude oil carriers).

Today, Minerva Marine Inc. has established business with all major oil companies. The company continues to engage in new business partnerships, having the customers’ ever-changing needs always at the forefront.

Minerva Dry Inc. was established in 2020 , aiming to manage the dry cargo vessels and provide first class services to the dry marine supply chain with a managed fleet of Capesize vessels.


Minerva Marine Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc. are committed to delivering quality service whilst maintaining their  responsibility to their  people, clients and the environment. The challenging environment we operate in requires strict policies and procedures to be in place, so as to reduce exposure to both identified and unidentified risks. Furthermore, continuous adaptability to all mandatory and statutory rules and regulations is imperative in order to reduce operational risks and to establish all necessary safeguards.

To be able to meet these expectations, and to earn the confidence of our clients, we maintain a robust Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental Management system in compliance with ISM & ISPS Codes, ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 requirements. We monitor and review our policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure they remain relevant and effective, and we organize arduous training courses and simulations to further educate our people to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.


Minerva Marine Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc. offering relies on the quality of  people – both on board and ashore. We view  people on board our managed vessels and ashore  as partners in our aim to deliver services that meet or even exceed our clients’ expectations.

In order to achieve this, Minerva Marine Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc. give great emphasis to the recruiting and development process . A detailed selection process combined with extensive familiarization and induction programs ensure the quality of the people  we welcome into the Minerva managed fleet and offices . In addition,  people benefit from a personal development plan and on-going training programs that provide them with the skills and drive required to meet and go beyond our clients’ needs and to achieve their professional career aspirations.


Supporting our people, the environment, and the societies around us

Caring for our People

We want to be the Employer of choice recognized for our people and our safe working environment.

Join our offices

Life at Minerva Marine Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc. is an exciting journey with the feeling and values of a family. Our philosophy is to operate as ONE across all our offices and our vessels.

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We focus on talent acquisition and retention of top-quality seafarers and invest in their work life balance enabling them to excel personally and professionally. We feel proud of operating safely at our state-of-art vessels.

The Companies are using ATHINA Maritime Learning and Development center. ATHINA is manned by competent trainers and is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities and marine simulators providing advanced training to seafarers.