MINERVA MARINE Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc., recognizing the link between human factors and safety, aims to consider Human Factors in the whole spectrum of our activities with the ultimate goal to promote safety and excellence across all operations.


  • Improving our common understanding of Human Factors and addressing the conditions and systems that influence human decisions and actions at all levels of our organizational pyramid with a focus on our seagoing personnel.
  • Considering Human Factors in the design of our new build and existing fleet vessels to further increase their habitability, workability, maintainability, occupational health and safety.
  • Considering Human Factors in the process of investigating incidents in our fleet vessels with the aim to understand the conditions and the interactions in which mistakes might happen.
  • Integrating Human Factors into the planning and execution of operations and into the risk assessment process.
  • Promoting speaking up and making everyone among the seagoing and shore personnel to feel empowered to express their views freely and to act on resolving safety issues.
  • Actively demonstrating the “care” to our personnel.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified personnel, rewarding performance and investing on enhancing their competence.
  • Cultivating a “reporting culture” by sustaining an atmosphere where people have confidence to report safety concerns without fear of blame.