Manning Offices

Odessa Manning Office

Minerva Marine Inc. and Minerva Dry Inc. have been closely collaborating with the “Minerva Manning Agency” in Odessa.

LLC “Minerva Manning Agency” was founded in Odessa 2007. LLC “Minerva Manning Agency”  is a crew manning company which is fully certified in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation. The primary goal of the agency  is to select and provide our clients  with trained, qualified and experienced seafarers.

LLC “Minerva Manning Agency” performs the following services:

  • Interviews and checks qualifications of potential candidates for recruitment;
  • Arranges for the training and certification of the crew (except STCW certificates, which are mandatory for every seaman);
  • Carries out computerized competency assessment, which is carried out for following reasons:
    • Evaluation of candidate’s knowledge
    • Identification of training needs and development of training programs
    • Provision of learning opportunities for seafarers.
    • English language knowledge test and evaluation;
  • Arranges for the pre-embarkation medical examinations as well as drug/alcohol testing in certified medical centers;
  • Carries out pre-employment familiarization of the seafarers with the Company Policies’ and Safety Management System;
  • Arranges seafarer’s travel/transfer all the way to/from the ship;
  • Arranges visa wherever it necessary;
  • Provides seafarers with a set of Company’s approved uniform;
  • Takes good care of  the crew and all services provided by LLC “Minerva Manning Agency” to seafarers are “free of charge”. Up to date the agency employs officers only, preferably with tanker seagoing experience.

LLC “MINERVA MANNING AGENCY” is located in the central part of Odessa, between Grecheskaya st. and Bunina st. within a close distance from the Odessa railway and bus and easy to reach from any district of Odessa city.


Office 502,

Building 21/23 (Business center “OLVIA”), Vice-Admiral Zhukov lane,

Odessa, Ukraine, 65026

Phone: +38(048) 7374528

Phone/fax: +38(048) 7737021

e-mail: marine@te.net.ua, info@minerva.od.ua

Office is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 .  The resume form can be downloaded in pdf format and submitted via fax or email.

web-site: www.minerva.od.ua