We know for a fact that our Shipping profession hides inherent dangers for our Human and Sea Environments. In the so-called dynamic shipping environment, we consider ourselves as constantly moving forward to catch up with the increasingly complex condition of our profession.

We recognize also that Pollution of the Sea by oil is the most harmful of all hazards, and therefore a very demanding statutory legal system is in place to prevent it. Given our compliance to this legal system, and recognizing that one of our prime objectives is to protect Life at Sea and the Environment, we have pledged to be bound by the following operating principal ideas:

• Transparency in all that we do;

• Consistency and Quality in our services;

• Constant Environmental consciousness, as we are constantly aware that pollution hazards are always inherent to Ships’ Management;

• Establish a safe and healthy work environment;

• Improve and develop our Human resources, as we believe that this is the most invaluable aspect for the Safety and Quality of our industry;

• Create a cultural attitude onboard and ashore for the preservation of our nature, which in simple language is, never compromise on Safety and Environmental issues, thus promoting an accident-free and zero spill Environment;

• Create a strong interaction between the individual departments, which has as a result the continuous across the board sharing of knowledge, that enhances team work and consolidates the Company’s ability to any emergency response; and

• Give extreme emphasis to Technical Maintenance, as it has become a very strong consensus in the Company that technical and structural integrity of our ships is our every day objective.

Protecting the Environment and Safety of Life are the most pressing and complex issues.

They are in constant evolution, and therefore must be observed constantly and responsibly.

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