Minerva Marine Inc. was founded in 1996 managing a modest oil tanker fleet of just 7 ships.

Minerva consciously strengthened its position within the ice class tanker segment by adding seven Aframax crude carriers in 2002 under its management. Since then, both the management and the personnel throughout have gained vast experience in managing and operating a solid fleet of ice strengthened 1A/1B and 1C crude carriers (from Medium Range up to Suezmax) and coated product carriers (up to Long Range 2) in the ice-infested waters of the Baltic. As a result the company has grown into a valued ice partner for most of the Baltic charterers.

Today, the company manages a tanker fleet of approximately 5.2 million dwt cargo capacity.


Wisdom, arts and skills were the virtues, which distinguished the Olympian deity Athena, depicted as an owl, and named Minerva in Roman mythology. By the same virtues, we are inspired in our life and work at Minerva.

Life and work here at Minerva are intertwined into a constant learning voyage. Navigating the world seas, Minerva Marine has grown and expanded at a steady pace since its founding in 1996.
As a ship management company, Minerva’s core value is “safety first”, planned ashore and practiced on board, while maintaining a dedication to quality service, innovation and commitment to a continuous dynamic growth. We aim to provide superior client service offering Maximum Quality and striving for Zero Casualties.

“For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Managing a young and well maintained fleet, meeting new industry requirements, whilst complying with all applicable rules and regulations, minimizes the risk in the environment we operate.

Focusing on safe and healthy work environments, onboard and ashore, we respect the dignity and the rights of the individual and offer equal opportunity to all employees in order to develop and realize their career goals.

We earn the confidence of our clients by maintaining a robust Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental Management system in compliance with ISM & ISPS Codes, ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements.

The oceans occupy nearly 71% of our planet's surface. All mariners face their nemesis in the currents’ shifting patterns, the seas’ omnipresent tides and disorderly rolling motions. While striving to improve in today’s challenging market one cannot justify taking shortcuts regarding safeguarding the environment. Minerva Marine is committed to conserving the environment by improving its performance of both hardware (enhancing overall Propulsion efficiency) and software (education of personnel) efficiency. A few examples:

- Boss cup fins for enhanced propeller efficiency and fitting ducts to equalize wake distribution of propeller
- Electronic controls, aids and performance monitoring tools giving optimum engine performance
- Energy efficiency awareness and training
- Compliance with energy efficiency legal requirements



Our people, both on board and ashore, share a common goal: the pursuit of growth not only in terms of productivity but in personality as well.
Efficiency in production results from a healthy personal development and self-actualization. Talents and skills paired with the principle of keeping traditional shipping ethics intact, makes preserving the quality in collective and individual work an everyday challenge.
Central to the company’s profile is the aim to operate with a balanced combination of alertness and morality, consistency and ambition while still remaining true and realistic to our objectives and day-to-day operations.

The extensive on-board and at shore training, the exclusive Manning agencies in the Philippines and the Ukraine, along with the absolute observance of the ISM and ISO standards are indicative of the company’s commitment to excellence and diligence.
Minerva Marine’s reputation for first-rate service in brings to the forefront the commitment and loyalty of its personnel.
Our Greek officers and cadets recruited by the Athens office.

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